Student Support

St Finn Barr's has a Student Support: Well-being Teacher two days per week. We have a School Counsellor three days per fortnight and a School Chaplain 2 days per week.

Mrs Jo Power ( is our Student Support: Well-being Teacher.

Please contact the Principal Liz Illingworth, Mrs Power or your child's teacher if you have concerns about your child’s well-being.

Some proactive approaches we use in this area include: Inside Out 4 Kids, MyTERN, The Ruler Program, Making Jesus Real, and School-Wide Circle Time. Please talk with your child's teacher if you require any further information.

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support and Student Wellbeing (SWPBS) involves a whole community approach through explicit teaching to identify, and change student behaviour when necessary. SWPBS is based on a positive reward approach with intervention, determined by collected data, involving Parents, Teachers and Students.

At St Finn Barr's our SWPBS mantra reads that:

“We are a community of Safe, Respectful, Resilient Learners.”

Our focus is on developing a culture where all members of our community are respected, valued and allowed to fully develop in a behaviourally supportive environment which has the foundation of positive relationships at its core.